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mental medicine and animal economics. Special groups of organs may be

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usually develops at a period of life in which the pharyngeal

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and the heart and lungs are normal. Removal of the necrotic area of the bite

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culture on blood-serum of Morax-Axenfeld bacillus, forty-

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1. What is the nitrogen cycle? Discuss its sanitary significance with

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it stops just inside the belly, he is called a true ridgeling; when half way

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Dr. Price-Brown left early in August for a trip to Grosse

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citement returns. As it progresses the attacks come on , oftener. There

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judicial to the interests of the patient; it is always possible to

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various cities in the south of England, is now in London, and

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physician who first sees the case to ask for a consultation with,

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The pulse is defined as the evidence of the circulation of the bl .cd.

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who wish to pursue special or advanced work. Special facilities are

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dicine, and if he coughs at once let the head down', as they are liable

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the hair from a spot about the size of your finger nail; then, with a

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students are required to register at the Dean's office on this day. Students

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In the male the organs of the system are penis, prostate glands and

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mittee, mention shall be made of the fact that the work was done under a

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