the Secretary has first been consulted a petition approved in writing by
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gruel (the round full seed) with boiling water— 4 lbs. meal to a bucket
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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year course offered in
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sule that has been forming. This you might say incloses the tubercule
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examination may be made, first with instruments, using the dilators. If
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Brights. It occurs in two forms — Acute and Chronic. In the horse it
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the Department at the Medical Scliool. Each half-course of one month,
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Scarlatina. — This ve'ry closely resembles Scarlet Fever in the
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lectures and demonstrations, (h) Pathological anatomy in its relation
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in the preface strikes one : " Eadiotherapy was born but yes-
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selected original investigations. The course is open to qualified persons
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Treatment. — As soon-'as we aire convinced that she is suffering from
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we encountered a very dexterous manipulator among our employees.
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in this course on the basis of twenty-five per cent, of the total mark in
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approval of the Committee. If published with the approval of the Com-
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in the acetabulum, it often causes permanent lameness. In bandaging
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his implication would lead one to believe. The period of exanthem marks
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' Give a two-ounce dose every hour for the first five or six then every <
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results obtained at the Lakeside Home, the sooner will the long
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Hospital, Carney Hospital, and Free Hospital for Women. For a detailed
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Freednian, Louis Mark, a.b. 1901, m.d. 1904, Allston.
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pen. The fine was £2. Messrs. Triquet \ poison, thus happily saved a very valuable
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is communicable to animals of another kind by inoculation, also more or
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low, flat stretch of land that was formerly a swamp, but it has been
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erous subscriptions were offered, amounting altogether to
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This ring is composed of masses of lymphoid tissue situated
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2. The etiology and diagnosis of empyema of the maxillary antrum.
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it requires the time limits given above for a complete union and from