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James H. Wright, M.D., S.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology .
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adequate facilities can be provided. Such work may be undertaken
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lose sight of the fact that the amoeba is altered as well as the tissue, which
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H;ematodes Fungus. — A bleeding fungus; this is a medullary soft
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In conclusion, I do not think it necessary ) child is from the third to the eighth day
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and then increased by small degrees, till at last the dose reached 500
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white lead, or some other preparations of of the malady.
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exudate used for inoculation showed thirty-eight colonies, and another
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had been in the new England States. It is not always fatal; in some
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with 50 cubic centimeters of a. The animal showed cattle plague on the
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berg, of Vienna, made an exploratory incision January 7th,
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bull. These conditions are seen mostly in fancy well-bred, pampered
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3. Mrs. E. (Vol. LXVIII, 1), aged 79, a few days ago accidentally dis-
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The examinations are made according to the usual Virchow routine,
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character of the atmosphere; that now is obsolete. It is recognized as
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Trichuris, are the most prevalent forms and that the first probably
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OpTvthalmology 1. Half-courses, forenoons, second half-year.
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of the legs, usually of the fetlock, or extending down to the heel, and
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On admission patient was found fairly well nourished. She
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Messrs. Phelps, Zucker, Foster, and Chiu. Two and one-
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Preventive Medicine and Hygiene 1. Quarter-course, afternoons, March