in the city of Manila are investigated before a burial permit is issued,
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years. We are told bj Massey and Drappur that patients
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a text-book with the educational advantages of an atlas. He
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Demonstrations and laboratory work. Professor T. Smith. Two hours
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First, the patient received a purge of salts, and then on the
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This course will include the identification of the etiological factor and
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demies in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, ] subject, so as to include the Humanities of
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themselves at the Out-Patient Department of the Hospital and in the wards.
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(1) A conference, one evening each week, for the review and further
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:ood special library of works in psychiatry and neurology, and a large
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mother' s milk may become changed and the baby is affected. In Diar-
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heart in this condition is very susceptible, so you cannot use digitalis in
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and abroad; Reviews and Bibliographical j venes suddenly, and is liable to be caused
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history of chorea. A quarrel M'ith a friend was given as an
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and torn, and at the same time contraction of the cord takes place. Dr.
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Myers, Franklin Augustus, a.b. {Lincoln Univ.) 1913, Brooklyn, N. Y.
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FRED B. LUND, M.D., Lecturer on Surgery, 527 Beacon St.
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a Piroplasma in the blood of spotted-fever cases. Later observers have
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spasmodic paroxysm, probably due to the spasmodic contraction of the
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bacteria, to a condition of true animal tissue-parasitism found in certain
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Laboratory exercises. Assistant Professor Peabody and assistants.
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Dr. Austin, of Toronto, died at his home, 129 Bedford Road,
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" A, B, C of Swedish Educational Gymnastics," " Rational Home Gym-
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epigastric region ; for the past three mouths vomiting after meals. She
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hind feet when the cow is lying down. This disease has never been in
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ROBERT GRANT, Ph.D., LL.B. 211 Bay State Road, Boston
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the Law School and in the Medical School, for one or more meritorious