The class has also an opportunity to partake in the practical work in Neu-
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this division is often so complete as to include one side of the face; the
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aequaintanceshii) with him extends over a period of thirty
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Advertising and Catalogue. — Dr, Cannon (^Chairman), and Drs.
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them, and fatal injury has been inflicted .in the search. The
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We are indebted to the J. B. Lippincott Company for this
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and twenty-five dollars, was founded in 1894 by friends and patients of
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Porter and Nichols, and Associates. 07ice a week, first and second
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anterior portion of the eye." — Penn. Med. Jour., May, 1005.
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and has not as yet been thoroughly studied by gynecologists.
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and twenty-five beds, with an average daily number of patients of about
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with the study of pathological changes produced in various ways.
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been no more striking example of it t hanthe Murphy button.
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And the yearly tale of death and disease preventable by sani-
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Review of the Weather for April, 1853, . . 97 j To Readers and Correspondents . . . 100
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six weeks; it comes on with an assiduous fever, varying from 102 upwards;
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Doctor of Medicine, have been admitted, under certain conditions, to all
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tern ; the tumefaction was subsiding ; the ' 18 degrees, making a fall of 22 degrees in
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cated; give }i oz. powdered opium the first dose, and 1 dr. in each dose
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one forenoon in each week during October and November, for all eU.<-ting
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WILLIAM DeWITT HYDE, A.B., D.D., LL.D. Brunswick, Me.
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Post-Mortem. — Feels hard and solid. There is a condensing inflam-
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administered slowly, that is, for 2 or 3 days. Diarrhoea in young ani-
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Denny, Francis Parkman, a.b. 1891, m.d. 1895, Brookline.
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that if the patient were allowed up early, with as efficient
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was founded in 1894 from a bequest of Mrs. Harriet Hayden. The
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pagne, followed by light clear s<>ups, and the