She awoke one morning with crampy pains in the abdomen,

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The process of inflammation first starts as a cause of the applica-

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are quite beyond the scope of this paper, still I feel justified

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in

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ZABDIEL B. ADAMS, M.D., Fellow in Anatomy, 86 Bay State R'd.

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In hospital: — flighty in talking, moody, laughing or crying. Janu-

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apes, mice and guinea pigs. Dr. Miyajima, who has done much work

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attended by acute inflammation of the skin j readily when taken into the stomach. The

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of the single and simple purpose to render to the citizens of

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hydrogen, which will burn, and the Carbon dioxide, which will not burn.

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patients and the attending physician was there complication

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I,ungs, due to faulty circulation of the blood through the heart. Em-

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lobule,^ and implicates the island of Langerhans only when the

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for one month, throughout the year. Massachusetts General

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Second Year. — (1) Demonstrations of the pathological conditions met

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may come to the conclusion that it is due every time to poisoning; when

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. n ■ nm., is in the Administration Building of the Medical

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