tially developed; he may go down and get up again, but there will be

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material coming from the surgical clinics are made full use of in the

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The manner in which the visual disturbance is produced is

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The John Thomson Taylor Scholarship, with an income of two

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abundant material for all purposes of instruction. The following are the

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Ophthalmology 2. Quarter-course, forenoons, in February

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The Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary. — About sixt}

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physic; (3) pathology, bacteriology, neuropathology, surgical pathology

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Claudius M. Jones Scholarship, with an income of three hundred

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through the wound, and cross the silk over and back in a figure 8 style. ,

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abdominal contents shows nothing of note. All reflexes active. Pulse

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being negroes, or partly of that nationality, and the two deaths

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to the genital organs, but may be found in the mouth, under the eyelids,

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mittee, mention shall be made of the fact that the work was done under a

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ular fourth-year course of study at the Harvard Medical School, has

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Dr. W. B. Thistle, of Toronto, spent the latter half of July

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the examination and preparation of milk modifications in connection with

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Fourth Year. — For a descrij)ti()n of tlu' fourth-year course offered in

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B.S.H. = Boston State Hospital (Pierce and Austin Farms).

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Whilst Dr. Poley knew a case where thef E. K. BEAVER, Secretary.

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and Delmere); both were affected with the ; changed their hand, and endeavoured to

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in secondary syphilis. Against this was the fact that there

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The instruction given by the Department of Medicine consists of both

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to strongly recommend the practice of exhi- ; strikingly marked, and has usually been

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vision. Slight sluggish contraction in resi)onse to light. Slight tremor

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In Lecithin — Faircliild— lecithin is presented in an isolated form,