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land, and of the Atlantic Ocean beyond, ;; gressive than otherwise, the paper was laid
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that it is the whole, and not any one part fleet much credit on all concerned with it.
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lay your horse down, then administer chloroform, then turn him on his
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sleeping with parents having it; may be seen in their eyes or mouths,
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The income of the first two is two hundred and twenty-five dollars
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number including such as have had operations on the tubes
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the first general examination Mill be Anatomy, Histology and Embry-
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Schofield, Roger William, a.b. {Clark Univ.) 1910, Worcester.
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too free use of cantharides, etc. , which produces inflammation in the lin-
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general medical library of over 400 volumes and about 20 current periodi-
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HENRY J. PERRY, M.D., Assistant in Bacteriology, 636 Beacon St.
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noses in a great variety of cases. Each course limited to three men.
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refuse part of the food passing out of the body per rectum. The intes-
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nized. An English writer, in 1802, gives rheumatism as a
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tion of urine, blood, sputum, and gastric contents.
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no specific; the immediate cause of death is irritability of the nerve
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Jurisprudence and Sanitary Science — Dr. D. J. Sinclair, Wood-
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cian. It is of immense value to student nurses, because it con-
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preparation for or are aids in the study of medicine. Such studies are : —
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Emmetropia, in the strict sense of the term, is the condition
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ascertainable except that the patient was in the habit of
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FRANCIS W. PALFREY, M.D. {ex officio), Secretary of the Faculty
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ability,*and it was found that the building could not be sold at