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to a poor and meritorious student of the first year, after three months'
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David Cheever, M.D., Assisia7it I'rofessor of Surgical Anatomy.
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notes on operation and subsequent treatment. As far as possible students
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'the veterinary on the same level. Such are the views of the
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The gums are very spongy and are bleeding. Cough is present and produces a
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keep an "open door" for licentiates from other provinces — a
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marked retinal changes, which, unless properly looked after,
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limited to Echigo and Akita Provinces. The distribution of the in-
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Nova Scotia. This attempt failed, but it so exasperated ;l;lije
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the honor of first presiding over the deliberations of" this im-
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researcli will be welcomed into the laboratory and will be offered every
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ease or condition are the same as in other countries, and are
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duodenalis^ Filaria hancrofti^ Taenia echinococcus^ and Plasmodium
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Hospital (Rotch Memorial), Children's Hospital, and Collis P. Huntington
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Fourth Year.-Yov a description of the fourth-year courses offered by
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large clinical material at my disposal in the Montreal General
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candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. In order to be admitted
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Sefton, Wilfred, ph.b. (Yale Univ.) 1914, Auburn, N. Y.
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give stimulants; give tincture of iron quite liberally; see that he gets lots