in this dei)artment, see special announcement of courses for graduates.
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diseases will be demonstrated, and whenever possible the technic of
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scholarship is good. This scliohirship is to be held for the full course of
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Metritis Metroperitonitis and Parturient Fever. — Almost
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lished in 1905, the income of which shall be placed at the disposal of the
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Satisfactory explanation of this phenomenon has not been furnished
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the sum of one hundred and fifty-seven dollars; each second-year student
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In December, 1912, an Italian boy of fifteen began to have severe
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ment separate from the other horses, and follow the hygienic rules
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eing shut off, often sloughs ,off , that, is the skin over the Phlegmon,
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ated gradually by a mechanical device, the amount of dilata-
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chunks drop out by sloughing— it takes about ten days for this to slough
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Dyes it is taken in with the food, passes through the' stomach and is
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G. Cheever Siiattuck, M.D., Assistant in Clinical Medicine.
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personal assistance of Professor Porter. The work will consist of
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to the public health. He is, under present conditions, abso-
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whole of the ovary, part being left healthy. This is usually produced
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tions are asked ; as examples the following are illustrative : What are the
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sent to various portions of the Islands from Manila and if it should
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Zovickian, Ilovhannes, ph.b. (Brown Univ.) 1909, a.m.
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permitted to repeat the course Whh th. • , ^''"^' students will be
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the crisis, were presented in detail. There was neither eruption nor spots on
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faction of the vulva and lining' of the vagina, also Congestion in the male
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most powerful lever for raising the standard of health and morals.
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moscope and other instruments of precision. An opportunity will be given