Lectures on selected topics. Professor Christian. (H.M.S.) Twice
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Dr. Cox, of Maryland, moved for a re- ; The report was accepted and referred.
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subject intelligently, he is personally conferred with regarding the charac-
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ical studies and treatment of cases. There is a good special library of
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inclusive of 2,252 yellow fever interments, \ The Courier of the 23d apologizes for
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of very peculiar symptoms appeared little by little with the pyrexia. The patient
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McGui.e, J h Hoshal, ....'.Eureka Coll.) 1911, eZTuI "^ ''
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consequently there is less fear of laceration. Seigneux's new
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one-thirtieth of the original power of the haemolysin after being heated
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seems impossible that plethora vera can mechanically increase
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Louis H. Newburgh, M.D., Alumni Assistant in Medicine.
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incomes named above, are awarded to deserving students, preferably those
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and the medico-legal aspects in each case. Exercises based on autopsy,
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logical physiology of the nervous system. The lectures introduce concep-
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Urticaria, Surfeit (In Human, Nettderash). — Is prickly heat.
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With the exception of a few slight digressions of the above
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consequently there is less fear of laceration. Seigneux's new
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time for the maintenance of a scholarship in the Medical School ; and the
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promotes haemolysis in the cases of the dog and the horse, has no
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place as the isthmus of the thyroid he doubles it twice. His
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