furnished for laboratory investigation of patients. This course will be
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acquired resistance of the individual than to the change in the cholera
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attention and since 1905 it can definitely be stated that the last three
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Gehuchten, Les centres nerveux. Anatomic normale et elements de
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are clear of furniture, and other incumbrances, the inspector makes
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it improbable that anyone else will be called upon to differentiate between
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case. These exercises and clinical demonstrations in the wards are
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Hiaving briefly considered this interesting type, so fully
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The study of the bacterial variation occurring among cholera vibrios is
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first thing you notice (say he was bitten) is that the wound seems to get
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in forty-eight hours I felt there must be something lacking,
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swell, and are hot and painful to the touch; animal is very lame, and
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Treatment.— It is good practice to clip off the hair and wash it, but
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and fill with mucous instead of serum; they develop in the mouth; some-
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This course will include the study of the macroscopic and histological
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numbers, we understand that the attendance was about equal
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Edward M. Barringer Scholarships. From the estate of Edward
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hypodermic injection of morphine. You may increase the action of the
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We in Toronto consider that our city is highly honored
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in most cases, labor will end naturally. If it is delayed, ex-
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Chairman of the Division of Medical Sciences of the Faculty of Arts and
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heart trouble, and if you can purify the blood the heart may recover.'
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contracting the arterioles. Ice poultice is the proper thing for local treat-
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type of lesion in the lung was the chronic, ulcerative form of the disease