Medical School desirous of hospital experience has obtained an appoint-

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Dr. Brefney O'Reilly, who is now in England, expected to

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braced from twenty-four to forty-eight hours. In the case of Spinal

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WILLIAM P TnPAQ A/r T^ ^7 • • . 260 Clarendon St.

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very good. Some use fl. ext. of ergot and claim much benefit from it; it

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three years; but in the average case over a year old, the contents of the

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Teach them right habits, then, and their future life

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the bowels; it has much the same effect as its alkaloid— eserine; it helps

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6. Dr. James R. Wood, of New York, ,; 'he Microscope in Disease

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rooms for class work, each of which measures twenty-three by thirty feet,

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vomiting, with pain and tenderness in the right iliac fossa. The

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put on a strong blister; a truss would be good, but impossible to keep it on.

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I may quote a few of the most important observations of others in

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other diseases which have been brought into the Archipelago in the

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Latimer ; Medal in Surgery, M. Lesses, Kingston ; Chancellor's

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pense and loss of time which a prosecution ' in Vienna, by the case of the celebrated

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m tbts department, see special announcement of courses for graduates

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causes, in a reflex way, Passive Congestion and of the portal system.

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shown fairly conclusively that with the exception of a few species, the

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