Randall, George Merrill, m.d. (Bowdoin Coll.) 1 889, Lowell
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tion is (a) Review of the anatomy of the nervous system essential to diag-
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Wellesley Street, Toronto ; Dr. A. A. Macdonald, Bloor Street
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to a persistent mean rise. I need not say that occasional rises,
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I is done will be found on pages 27-30 of this catalogue.
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students in obtaining work. Certain loan funds not enumerated above are
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Clinical instruction is given in these cases by the physicians to out-
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loose stall and plenty of nice, clean bedding; straw and a little sawdust
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1903, a.m. {Univ. of New Brunswick) 1905, Wolfville, N.S.
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As we have above stated, the present case reversed the usual
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such vital changes are due, when diseased, are described by
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feedings of hve ounces each of a mixture containing 4% fat, 7% of
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Cloth, $1.50 net, Canadian Agents: J. A. Carveth & Co., Limited, 434
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acid preparations show numerous, small, disk-like, black granules and round,
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another under that of Mr. Paget, in St ; became swollen and unhealihy, the sutures
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tempts were made to put the joint into a made, and the ends of the bones were cut
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Hosp, a , Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infir.nar;, Lonrisla„d
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1782 when three professorships of medicine were established. The first
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expulsive forces, what operative assistance is indicated according to
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produced wholly by Indigestion; the chief characteristic of this disease is
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thoughtful, and a good type of the careful, competent prac-
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Greenough (M.G.H.), Associate Professor Nichols and Assistant
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Arts, and for the requirements of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for
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fessor of Neuropathology^ 70 Francis Ave., Cambridge.
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