their instructions for the thorough sponging of their scarlet-fever cases,

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Hospital, in which the total mortality from pneumonia has been reduced

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quently contracted the disease, it not being known then that a revaccina-

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thus interfering with the respiratory excursions, or to the bronchitis

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palatial stables, Axminster carpets, and modern heating ap-

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the pial vessels, and this ceases with cessation of the application, the

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ablution manifests its value as a measure preparatory to the full cold

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Thus has it come about that not only is the average medical man

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together with the bacillus coli communis and its attendant

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working capacity is shown clearly also by the change in the form of

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retics must be given with a sparing hand, if at all, and should be em-

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prejudiced in favor of those old friends who have served us

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secretion of children in general, and this may serve as a com-

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freshness are taken from the food, thence such food is scurvy

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Dr. Charles K. Clarke, Toronto, Dean of the Faculty of ilcdi-

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To Prof. Wilhelm Winternitz, who graces the chair of hydrother-

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the uraemia of cholera. In these cases he saw the whole body covered

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along the course of the tendons, and the condition is obstinate. Unless

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increase the elimination of both urea and uric acid, and may

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striking confirmation from statistical reports which have been pre-

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patient. Injections should be repeated four times a day, and in grave

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with extreme caution. In addition to the symptoms, we should have the

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grapes the seeds are merely set in the pulp unattached, and

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Pike's Peak in Colorado. The ideal climate, I think, is the

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and Dr. Hays was a very scholarly man and cultivated gen-

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I have endeavored to show as briefly as possible the reasons the

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the greater the delirium or stupor, the more evident is it. Eepetition