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4. The subject of site, as I am told by the medical officer of
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Singapore, proceeds to Mal^i^cca as Acting Colonial Surgeon.
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meeting of the British Medical Association will be arranged
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integration Of the haemoglobin, but also of the stroma of the
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complete translation of this Papyrus, but Brugscli gives an
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My object in addressing this letter to your .Journal rather than
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interaction between selegiline and meperidine
Francis Boynton Boynton-Lee (Bournemouth), Mr. Henry
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I'he Spleen is on the right side; otherwise normal. The
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Dr. Bhoadbent presented the report of the Committee ap-
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caught and stored up chiefly by the liver, where it is converted
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certificate. That system was liable to lead to crime and fraud,
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patient's abdomen been opened earlier the operation would
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or tuberculous, provided it were proven that a typical reac-
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down into the town, and cholera spreads there ; ten deaths
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Tuesday, April ISth, 1S93. — 2.0 p.m. Branch Organisation
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McLeod, Surgeon-General Sir William Moore, Mr. C. N. Mac-