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John Ambrose McKinley, M.D., Northwestern University
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Case 2. — Operator, Reydellet, 1819. Lumbar region : extradnral
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who had undoubtedly wounded the internal jugular vein, heard a hissing
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In conclusion, I have only to observe, that as facts speak for themselves,
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or notice of proceedings affecting his interest, may be dispensed
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over a catheter to a point in front of the hypospadia
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This unseemly quarrel, which has lasted a considerable time
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tients and their families, and educating them in hygienic
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disheartened. By November, 1885, 1 was able to report
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turbances of nutrition. The treatment is gradual exercise,
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Dr. W. L. Bavm, Chicago — ^I believe very thorougljly in
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question, or any of the substances from which it is obtained. Bromine,
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