catarrhal inflammation (dust, vapors). When chronic bronchitis follows
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not be extended. This is exaggerated in old cases, though still it is not
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sire to urinate, the patient sitting upon the urinal, it may be, for hours.
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ment striking the angle of the mouth as a resting- jilace and fulcrum. The subsequent movement
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arachnoid fluid {vacuum dropsy)^ or there may be a wasting of the brain,
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tion) is advocated, but if the drainage afforded by free incision be complete
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par excellence for tuberculous bronchitis, and combine it with spirits of
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Btiology. — No definite cause is known. It has followed cold and
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vomiting, early collapse, intense local ]»;iiii :nid tenderness.
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{d) In general terms hydrotherapy is an important adjuvant to the
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an abnormity of function of the intestinal nerves that leads to a weak-
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Course and Prognosis. — In the acute form the course is brief,
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is placed in the knee-elbow position, suffices usually to diff'erentiate the
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vascular change ; occasionally it occurs during parturition, but more
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ties are taken (sviij-x — 236.0—300.0 every two hours). When whole
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or vertex, and bromids and chloral hydrate given in rectal enemata,
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Percussion shows a triangular flat area, Dull area varies with chambers dilated ;
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Diagnosis. — However characteristic the symptoms may be, the
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delirium, and possibly vomiting may be seen quite early. These are fol-
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the spiral character of these small, ball-like pellets may even be detect-
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marked, as a rule, the thirst great, the appetite keen, and glycosuria
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sometimes do well Avhile sojourning at certain mineral springs, such as
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Birmingham, etc. Octavo volume of 434 pages, with numerous illus-
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are occasioned by splenic and hepatic enlargements, solid new-growths,
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derstood. It is bound in flexible leather covers and is neat and attrac-
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rhages have been noted. The disease is obviously infectious, probably
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Movements of the body are often difiicult, painful, and distressing in
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ing in range. The prognosis must always be guarded, and in severe
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Treatment. — Search for the cause. If ear-disease is present, make
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torants are then entirely unnecessary. When, on the other hand, the
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tuted, and, if asphyxia threatens, tracheotomy must immediately be per-
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what is malegra 100
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frequently the patient first experiences a moderate grade of dyspnea
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gout quite as strongly as the latter, {d) Diet. — Over-indulgence in the
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ance of the cardiac complication. Cases of acute endocarditis of rheu-
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of saprophytic infection. Devilled crabs, lobsters, and salad have also
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