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and windpipe and other maladies, is much hindered by the inconve-
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influence events then considered to be of the utmost
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moist crepitant rale could be heard. Temperature 38"5° C.
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tickets to stations north of Newcastle may break their journey for the whole
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short period of his death, he had retained perfect vigour of mind and a
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to 'scape the fury of fire and sword are oftentimes
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recent election of a successor to the late Sir J. V. Simpson, a subject
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victim begins to feel depressed, the roses fade from
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years, and lately derived so much benefit from a few weeks' use of Dr. Root's reme-
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had the animal cast, thinking we had to deal with a simple scirrhous
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ture. Cloth, size 5. 3-4 x 8 1-2, 90 pages, with 17 fine
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Verbandplatz und Feldlazareth. Von Dr. F. Esmarcii. Ber-
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who kept those asylums, had neglected their duty. Mr. Bruce, how-
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On examining the animal on the nth February we discovered a
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scanty protoplasm, interspersed with thin-walled embryonic blood-
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began to subside. There was slight fever and rather high pulse rate
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cells, and though usually isolated are sometimes collected in clumps,
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This must be done not so much as a matter of competition as by seeking
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progressing from the general operation of the law of life to its more
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the cavity of the abscess. The lips of the incision were brought
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the abnormal auriculo-ventricular opening, resulting from insufficiency
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Hospital has .already lost both its resident medical officers. The letter
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Treatment ceased on the ist December. The animal returned to
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secondary localised myocarditis is sometimes seen in certain parts of
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Eagles of Aylesbury, and Mr. Thomas Warren of Prince's Risborough,
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a professor at the Veterinary College in London. At the commence-
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sixty-eight years old, enjoying the plenitude of a well
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hands have been washed and disinfected. Against this possible source
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that it is not to me personally that this compliment is paid, but rather
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that salt water was medicinal. Ilis book on Glandular Consumption
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sinuses. The third and fourth molars were completely detached, the
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terests are attacked ; but the British Medical Association will be sup-
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walk, he was seized with an unusually sudden fit of extreme difficulty
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The ninth lectuie is occupied with Mortification as a result of Disease
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