philosophy et harmonia scientiarum," Bacon) fact-hunters

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restful sleep is often secured through the influence of this medica-

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companied with pain in the region of the heart; mitral regurgi-

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A concretion of carbonate of lime is infusible, and becomes

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The properties of this drug are substantially the same as

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agent in all diseses in which a tonic combining nervine powers

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able to restrain the urine to normal distension of the bladder,

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of pathological changes, and will serve as a basis for others, and

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at night. In about a month he could hold knife and fork or

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hyperemia, aconite is frequently efficient. In the simple ephe-

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itself to the bed, and the effort to maintain the position shows

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represents hyperemia with obstruction to the return of blood —

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subdued, and latterly the ordinary effects of peritonitis were

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inedicii! sciences and making them responsible for the large amounts

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29. That therapeutic agents act through their operation

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pinched, contracted tongue as one of the prominent symptoms.

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varices, the membranes of the mouth, nose, and eyes are

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Case 1. — Eliza C- , a girl aged fifteen, but having a

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odor, but these are not as certain as would be thought at first

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"In proper doses this remedy seems to steady the circulation

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spaces are flattened, so that the external surface of the chest

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found in them, and near the surface, as I had expected,

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Fragrant sumach is deemed a good remedy in diabetes, and

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most remarkable effects of languor, feebleness, relaxation of

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turbances, and even the distressing cough of phthisis pulmonalis.

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of iron. If tincture of muriate of iron thus becomes a specific

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Sub-mucous or sub-crepitant rale is a weaker and finer

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"It has been employed more extensively in the treatment of

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French wounded soldiers in the hospital at IS^ancy. Dr. W,

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remains of a former hemiplegia. This condition, however, may

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This mass may then be applied, while very hot, directly to

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is an excellent example of the third action, producing certain

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ticity, the epidermis yields, and presently the connective tissue.

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been well defined, but it may be used with advantage in acute,

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broken ; and these, unless removed, soon destroy the animal.

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