Anatomy. Assistant Professor J. Warren, and assistants.
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iurn loose physically. That the muscular system is energized
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clinical training and instruction, hearing tests, and objective examinations
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heen followed by difficulties during labor. These risks are
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Henry A. Christian, M.D., Hersey Professor of the Theory and
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Treatment. — Bathe with soap and water, soften the scales, destroy the
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John H. McCollom, M.D., S.M., Professor of Contagious Diseases
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courses in surgery without special permission of the head of the depart-
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legs and finally drop. In case the rupture is small and the faecal matter
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members of the School at the time, and for those entitled to apply for the
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is obscure. In spite of the fact that the amount of the
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was by no means small, as there were registered 1,714. Our
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Describe their arrangement and the joints. Does any other bone
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Lectures, Demonstrations, and Clinical exercises. Professor Putnam, and
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appomted by the Corporation. Committee in charge of the Clinic • Her
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or to pay especial attention to regions in which he is interested.
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almost anyone's guess, and yet to know the lines of experi-
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8. State the physical signs of lobar pneumonia. How would you
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Every student is required to file with the Bursar on his entrance to the
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Cause. — The most common cause is hereditary, and we get from di-
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about 1005 to 1025 — 1018 average; horse, 1030 to 1050. Urinometer is the
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cussions in which the student is required to perform his share. This lasts
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Bacteriology. Professor Ernst, and Drs. Frothingham and Page.
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just conferred upon you mean, that in the opinion of your
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At the meeting of July 7th the reports of many committees
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than either leucorrhcea or gonorrhoea, at (of the excoriation and eruption upon the
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point is then expanded either by inflation or by injecting a
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General Hospital, both in the out-patient department and in the ward
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opinion, and added, that portions of the | ice was frequently applied to the surface of
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admit the truth of the observation when their attention is
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Collateral Reading . — Pfaundler and Schlossmann, The Diseases of Chil-
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irritation, which follow the use of impure codeia, but it does
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normal solution to one-tenth of the original strength after twenty-four
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ing chloroform, and that he had only fol- ( brought to me. During these two months