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member of the surgical staff, provided that such member be
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typical of cholera, extreme collapse, severe cramps in the arms and legs,
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any general conclusion, but it is safer than any other which is used
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Laboratory exercises. Assistant Professor Peabody and assistants.
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than to perform the obligations of religion > the view of unmasking or testing the reality
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two weeks after the injury — and then called ! to express their sense of the lots that ihe
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Woodbury, of Annapolis, who came to the province as early
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Dean of the Graduate School of Medicine : Horace D. Arnold, m.d.
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NDURANl •• \ :> \ \ V. MICA — E 1 I 1 * 1 .
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Albert W. Stearns, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Psychiatry.
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sults, produced first, by the chill, second by the disease. If the fever be
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wet and cold. It is also employed to enable individuals to undergo
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Clarke, Charles William, s.b. (Iowa State Coll.) 1915, Fairfield, la.
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I wish to impress upon you, and that is the fact that the gono-
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heim' s theory is that most Tumors, or all true Tumors, that have v no
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WiUiamson, Adam Cluness, a.b. (Westminster Coll) 1911,
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Dupras, Joseph Elzaar, m.d. {Laval Univ.) 1905, St. Prosper, Can.
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called " beer-drinkers' heart " is caused by the alcohol in the
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disease; we have learned that its catastropkies are sudden only
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normal and pathological anatomy. Students may have access to these
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dered whiskey, ad lilitum. | several of these were seen still adorned with
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shown in his preparations will be considered to have failed in all his answers.]
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some problem in experimental and comparative pathology for which
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tion is well shown ; 17.4: per cent, of the cases gave a family
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malarial fever, anthrax, rabies, tetanus, syphilis,
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twelve dollars, of which nine dollars is for dissecting room material, and
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Colbeck, T. A. Davies, E. C. Dixon, A. H. Davies, T. B. Ed-
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cases that we are required to take out the elliptical section; the zinc may
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income of two hundred dollars each. Founded from the residuary be-
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before June 1. No changes in electives will be allowed after the final
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sickening, in all probability with the same j termination of the next case show which
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in flanks, shifting with change of position. Fluid wave obtained. Veins
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Z-ZlTr"' ^'"'''- '"'''" -"^' ^--'^'^-^ '^''rin, October
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In mg, Fredenck Carpenter, a.b. 1906, m.d. 1910, Boston
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ol. lini enough to make all 8 ozs., rub well once or twice a day; do not
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long time. It is inclined to run a mild course and terminate favorably.
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fee of $20. Of this amount, $90 must be paid to the Bursar at the begin-
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London. Vice-Presidents : Dr. Geo. Herbert Burnham, Toronto ;
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Coroners by the Ontario Government, Dr. Wm. Arrell, of Cayuga,
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Ricketson, Oliver Garrison, Jr., a.b. 1916, Fernandina, Fla.
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being distinguished from other forms of ; Ray, whose reputation and great experience