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from digestive viscera to brain. Fermentative decomposition

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thick that it wont flow through the catheter; you can assist it by putting

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but 3. The old called the 1st, croupous or lobular; they meant by croupous

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the zealous, the industrious, and the faith- J every quarter to seek his advice in difficult

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body, I shall mention some of them. Of headaches, 60 to 80

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preliminary requirements, must devote to approved advanced studies not

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cases, both by clinical and by laboratory methods, and to follow the

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very limited extent of land belonging to the J Dr. Kirkbride read a paper " On the For-

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Alexander Bismarck Terrell, s.b. {Univ. of Chicago) 1907.

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incomes named above, are awarded to deserving students, preferably those

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tion made by Dr. Cullen that the first persons attacked last yaer in

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this country; as seen in East India it is a peculiar disease. There is no

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those who are responsible to the trustees. It is felt that in this

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Laboratory work and demonstrations will also constitute an important

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thera]>y. The hospitals are not equipped with proper appli-

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However, these fragments have not perforated the pleura costalis. The extra-

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This course will be devoted to instruction in the use of the ophthalmo-

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house patients, and witnessing operations. In his clinical work he will

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make such changes m his electives as will enable him to iinish his relea ch

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in the right cavities ; the left were empty. 1 menl again ; they would much rather suffer

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. The results of inflammation are variable. First resolution is when

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poor and rich, unfortunate enough to need hospital treatment.

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dom of God ] eight journals published in London, under

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tempted to distinguish between Entamoeba coli and Entamoeba histolytica

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PAUL THORNDIKE, M.D., Assistant Professor of Genito- Urinary

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been given by the Harvard Medical School under the Courses for Gradu-

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rhage, and the more so if the penis is cedemic. The usual plan is to

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pedic surgery is given by members of the hospital staff.

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an intelligent understanding of the general principles of treat-

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For many months he suffered from an intense earache, cough,

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what progressive steps chloroform produces ! excited. The pulse remained very good

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a text-book with the educational advantages of an atlas. He

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G. Emerson, James V. Emlin, George Fox, | with a gentle breeze from the N. E. ; in the

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M;D. (Oxon.), F.R.C.P. (Lond.) With a colored plate and 348 illustrations