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on her right cheek, measuring one and one-half centimetres in

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later. Thus reference to previously acquired information becomes more

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cially if the doctor has been called, and as medical men you

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Saeger, Ernest Tirrill, s.b. (Dartmouth Coll.) 1914, Brookline

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Case I. — 8. Igarashi; male ; age, 11 years; farmer.

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cussions in which the student is required to })erform his share. This lasts

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in these particular lines. The motion was referred to the

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cular to prevent the Importation of Adulter- j Victoria, 112

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Buckman, Thomas Ellwood, a.b. 1912, a.m. 1914, Cambridge

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Secretary ; Theobald Smith, M.D., William T. Porter, M.D., Henry

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now occupy over four acres, have a frontage of 550 feet on

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The lectures and demonstrations in the subjects of the First and Second Years will be given in the Biological,

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Caroline Brewer Croft Fund; Henry P. Walcott, M.D., and Arthur T.

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Ernst, Theobald Smith, Milton J. Rosenau, and Henry A.

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the horse, but in patches; it will always be found mottled, as some lobu-

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important point is to discover if the drug is being used as a medicine or

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offered to original investigators, who will receive such personal aid as may

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under pressure ; that its analgesic action is explained by its

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The first step was taken while the military element in the

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2. Gynaecology . Half-courses, forenoons,

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of the brain, also called Mad Staggers,, Cephalitis, or Encephalitis.' Cere

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members of the department. Instruction will also be given in the lab-

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sary ? On this point the opinion of the ) importance, with a view either to the proper

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or of any nostrum whatever. < to sight and touch in the external angle of

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appeal to reason and common sense, those of us who do so will

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to drinking city water, which at times contains a vibrio similar to that of

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sive, and a recess of one week's duration in April.

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Weir-Mitchell plan of rest and isolation in these cases. It is

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Dr. H. R. Elliott, having formed a partnership with Dr. J.

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