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The student will have an opportunity of following the neurological

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Admission. — Dr. Christian {Chairman), and Drs. Folin and Lewis.

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believe we get better results; by giving smaller doses and often than to

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work should consist largely of accurate physical measurements.

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brane of the mesentery occasionally becomes involved in the inflamma-

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effects of chloroform. The inquest- room ' used in the administration of chloroform,

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tempts were made to put the joint into a made, and the ends of the bones were cut

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Severe pairi after the primary subsidence of pain, is generally

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size of the millet seed in the start, but as they involve other tissues they

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The fees for separate courses vary from $5 to $125, according to the

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vise the instruction in Tropical Medicine. Professors Harold C.

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the course, and usually result in a better understanding between the

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when it gets into sheep herds. Other animals much the same way; first,

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68 Isabella Street, Toronto; Dr. C. J. C. O. Hastings, 258

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trate form. The aplication was sudden ; so was her exit from

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Hemiplegia. — Is paralysis of one side of the body longitudinally;

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of the course of study offered for this degree must be made to the

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iesungen ueber Pharmacologic. H. C. Wood, Therapeutics. Brunton,

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the desire of the givers that there be established in the Medical School a

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The laboratory work will consist in a study of such infectious diseases

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Students electing Course 1 are strongly recommended to elect Course 2.

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ing the infected areas and but a few feet higher are considered safe.

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the Corporation on nomination by the Jackson Professor of Clinical Medi-

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E. Lawrence Oliver, M.D., Assistant in Dermatology.

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when he sought advice from the family physician, and treat-

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grown pure on artificial media lost much of its virulence during this

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established in connection with the out-patient department : Dermatology,

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In the action of the adrenal glands, there has been a growing

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radiate in many directions, to the neck, the shoulder, the

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