dical Society of the State of Pennsylvania; Wood, Lycoming County; Mordecai Mas-

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All courses, including laboratory courses, in the Harvard Medicaid

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through the body cavities, with the conditions found in the physical exami-

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Elliott P. Joslin, M.D., Instructor in the Theory and Practice of

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shall not stop at the morbid anatomist's question, " Where is

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Spinal fracture and dislocation — mechanical sup-

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August 5: The patient to-day insisted on leaving the hospital, and did so

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When we closely consider this question we find support for the positive

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The fact that the resistance of snake venom to heat seems to vary

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the expulsion of the child from the uterus. The North-American

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hospital, considered to be one of the best of its kind in the world, has been

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present in the urine, a deep, purple band will develop between the acid

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President : Abbott Lawrence Lowell, ll.b., ll.d., ph.d.

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technique is given. It consists of six hours of lectures to the entire class,

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this time firm, plastic union is established between the bladder

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Wood^corpuscles 8000; eosinophiles 27%; no other morphine abnor-

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year. The afternoons in January will be given to surgical pathology, and

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the purchase of a site. Mr. Cawthra Mulock, has given $100,-

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with informal discussions of selected problems in physiology. Mondays

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Royal Infirmary, 24 ; ficially introduced into the Stomach, - . 31

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Laryngology 3. Pathology of the Nose and Throat. Dr. Joseph L.

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-eeptmn that it extends over one month instead of t^

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red or inflamed. Scattered over the face is a slight eruption, which first appeared

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sion to devote the entire fourth year to one sub ect of study may b

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It is having two large, hard, crumbly white faecal movements daily.

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and of the Summer Courses, may be obtained on application.

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tion, and dilatation of the myocardium. Perforation of the myocardium and of

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Dr. A. H. Adams, Tor. '04, is resident physician in the

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year course offered in

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elections. IsTo one has stated, so far as we know, that this is