two months, throughout the year. Dr. W. F. Whitney and Dr.

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A horse should be perfectly quiet before operation ; if he has been

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Drs. ViCKERv, II. Jackson, and Smith. Thirty-two exercises for

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Etiology. — There are two varieties of causes — Centric and Reflex,

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Uection includes fifty series of sections from human embryossevla

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Sometimes it is spontaneous, as in the case of the boy that does so in his

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ated gradually by a mechanical device, the amount of dilata-

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The histology is brought into close relation with the reflexes and other

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tellectual faculties, and the power of regu- ; perhaps a little more than half a minute,

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scanty and high colored; there is a foeted Diarrhoea, and accompanying it

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In case of lung complications use linseed poultice with a little mus-

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of a few rivers on the west coast of the main island of Nippon, being

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where the students are shown and examine cases of diphtheria, the acute

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will be a weak miiid, asseen in nervous prostration from debility; that is

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dogs get Gross and snappish, but there is no fever', as is always present in

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cases in the hospital wards, with opportunity for history taking, the use of

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powders are capable of affecting photographic plates, and are,

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(4) The detailed preparation of reports bearing on the subjects studied,

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;wollen and hard, but when it arises as an original lesion we will 'find the

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ceive no cardiac sounds. The operator, in la7id Gazette, January 1, 1853.

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it will be hot and painful, and will pit on pressure; temperature increased,

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the Cancer Commission is at present carried on in the laboratories of the

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sharply emphasizes the fact that the absence of direct, acute manifesta-

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Jill Flirts by horsemen. May be partial or complete, may be lacerated,

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easier, but we can see he is getting weaker; the pulse becomes wiry, very

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recorded an essentially similar opinion, extending the period

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bilateral, an operation on both kidneys is usually performed.

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catarrhal, muco purulent, granular, and membranous types,

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or less is often more than sufficient time for a final diagnosis

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tissue as a result. This tissue is nearly always fibrous at first, then in ,

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swelling would reach to the head and neck and down the sides; there is