do not lay as much stress upon it as homoeopathy, which
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and physician to the Maternity Hospital, Blackwell's Island. Dur-
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wounds it inflicts are generally numerous (two, four, twenty).
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wounds with a very small orifice that harbour small shell-
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and of the men who, in military, naval, and civil positions
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small size, the toes are diaphysial bones. Their epiphysis
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Dr. Michael was a man of striking physical, intellectnal,
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the following guess, why childbirth, of all physiological functions,
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seen the disease begin with an initial rigor, and the so-called " general febrile
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Was, or was not, his whole dialogue a defence of high poten-
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if they be innocent, to do us little or no harm, but, if morbid
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Pond," issued in 1896, dealing with stories of the field and natural
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primary thrombosis is rare. Introduction of air into veins
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Congenital Dislocation of the Hip" (N. Y. Med. Jnl., Aug. 28, 1915).
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deformans, although this term is used merely from the gross appearances.
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,l!i, ;ur.,.v:lf, *u deftrm(n«l to <^n»Ti»» hta<r
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West Forty-eighth Street, thereafter removing to No. 62 West Fifty-
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ceeded rapidly, and in nineteen days after the last fistula
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only source from which knowledge is to be had to guide us
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gestion, etc., will follow. 2d, The food must be composite, ni-
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Athens. He was not surprised to find so many of his own pa-
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" electricity," or the like. From the stand-point of "rational"
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in some cases. Then follow local moist-hot applications and packs (peat,
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199. Bilateral ptosis and weakness of the facial nerve in myasthenia
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3. The dressing, firmly maintained by a body bandage,
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of nutrition, or they may depend on a processus of irritation.
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fractures after tangential contact, or else partial or total
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about 200 to 400 to the We cannot here enter into their minute his-
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disease, with stoutness of body, with good or fair appetite, and
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that the attendance was large, and the enjoyment cordial and
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Medical Association, Society of the Alumni of St. Vincent 's Hospital,
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clearness of statement, and logical reasoning. Among