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The Carney Hospital. — During the past year there were treated at

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says, " N'o." Medicine invites and encourages the philomath

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three or four weeks, and finally die ' from collapse. This may occur

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School are open to persons not candidates for the degree of Doctor of

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were two formed movements. There had been no blood from the rectum

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affect the lungs even when gotten that way. Hamilton mentioned many

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too weak to take a general anesthetic, so I opened with Schleich's

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Lectures on selected topics. Assistant Professor Cabot. (H M s1

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"22d. The patient is tw statu quo; no | rose-bushes favorably situated to retain their

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Fourth Year. — The nature of the examinations is determined by each

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a French percheron. It is a case of Satyria. Give rational treatment —

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canal We must examine the rectum with j a band or to relax a cancerous contraction ;

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Observations on the Virus and Means of Transmission of Rocky Mountain

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chiefly on the diagnosis of colic, but, in con- | considerable pain in the belly. The history

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with biliary matter. These congestions, and we speak of them usually

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a large range of variation in both the proteid and fat content was tried without

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Secretaries: Dr. C. P. Lusk, Dr. W. H. Pepler. Drs. C. J.

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pedic surgery is given by members of the hospital staff.

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In this department instruction in Comparative Anatomy, Histology, and

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occurring in 1904 and most of those in 1905, came to the conclusion

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inflammatory attacks induce final adhesion of the lacunar

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and as their patience, persistence and mental acumen average

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ances and high fever, rapid, full, strong pulse, jerking up of the head,

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Tiiorndike. (B.C.H.) Once a week, second half-year. 16

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The Faculty reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student

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when the hemorrhage is great and large quantities of blood

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well-known fact that Rabies in the lower animals and Hydrophobia in

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more youthful. However, taking all things ' condition was very great. I therefore ex-

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9. People turned out of houses on account of plague must always

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A voluntary weekly conference for all fourth-year students taking

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tary, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12 m. to 1 p.m. ; of the