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being no great dyspnoea, but the respiration becoming very frequent,

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constitute an epidemic by themselves this is hardly a distinct form.

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usually made by the aid of an arbitrary scale marked along the slide of

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the matter rested from 1828 to 1834, when M. Renucci, a Corsican,

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pointed out that a relation may be traced between the intensity of

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many years' standing.<^ In these instances no doubt the tumors grew

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tunately, in many instances, they have too much of the same aif and

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more interest, however, is a peculiar chemical reaction which Koch

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140 or more in an adult, the issue is almost always unfavourable ; a

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which may be influenced by drugs are connected with — (a) Inflammation

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Joint-pains are also said to occur occasionally ; there may be redness

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carried on for some considerable time by the other, the latter undergoes

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ponderance towards the venous side, is a very early effect of the poison

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hands, to detect specific ptomaines. ISTo doubt many of the ptomaines,

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17. The ciliary motions lately discovered in animals, by Purkinje,

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buckthorn before dinner, according to the custom of the time, and it

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undoubted cases (35) are recorded. In one case the diphtheritic mem-

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To go to bed, to take plenty of light liquid nourishment and some

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females also habits, such as that of kissing, prevail to an extent

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Such are the 'primd. facie grounds for supposing that the pneumo-

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alkaline waters and the sulphur waters are beneficial ; and when it owes

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COH (chloral) we get a compound chloralamide (C.CI3, CHO, HCO,

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than a short term endowment which would double the annual premiums.

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country. When the patient has been restored by a removal to the

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must now pass on to the morbid anatomy of diphtheritic processes.

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stimulating the cerebral centres, we cannot absolutely say. As yet we

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As to age, Hirsch says that children and people over forty run

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Treatment of Tinea. — Dr. Schneider recommends strongly the follow-

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galy, a peculiar hypertrophy associated with disease of pituitary body.]

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been described (30). In two of the cases observed by me, not only were all

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the blood into the inflamed area. It would seem that local inflammar

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not to be recommended in the case of babies and the younger children,

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