...the inflammation extends more or less to the cortical portion, and then
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Hon. Dr. R. A. Pyne, who went to England about the middle
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by Xorth German Lloyds S. S. for Gibraltar, with a short visit
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If you have to repeat the tapping, never tap in the same opening; you
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C. H. Stapleford, A. P. Stewart, A. W. Thomas, R. W. Tisdale,
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the following special branches have been established in connection with
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Pryor was careful to leave a narrow strip of mucous mem-
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Captain Ityley, R. A. M. C, Hongkong: When an epidemic occurs
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(4) The detailed preparation of reports bearing on the subjects studied,
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cedemic condition; the swelling pits on pressure, while the hepa-
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that it was impossible to render the intestinal tract aseptic.
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four per cent solution, may add a little hydrastin. ,If you can pump in
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fading. The eyes are much injected. The tongue is dry, white in the center,
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latter event perturbation, agitation and convulsions occur and death is preceded
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the crisis, were presented in detail. There was neither eruption nor spots on
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in the activities of glands of internal secretions.
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the wound the inflammation in the surrounding tissue is dense, glisten- J
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cal relations of the thoracic and abdominal viscera are studied in relation
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aggregate of the diversified environment to which our friend
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of such vermin for a number of weeks, it will be at once apparent that
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the ordinary ways, dangerous. All well, cistern, river and hydrant water
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ing the patient to walk about and enjoy some healthy exercise.
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,0 complete the course for the fees prescribed in the Catalogue of 1912-13.
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on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays ; on Saturdays it is open from 9 to 1.
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siderable dullness; the horse hangs his head, refuses his food, and there
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has an active principle which is able to produce symptoms
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trates from the Berkefeld and from the Chamberland filters are frequently
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formed in a room not sufficiently ventilated, flammatory symptoms, which left no doubt
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He first determines the dose of venom, which, when given intravenously, will