brae or the base of the skull may be produced by falls upon the but-
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quent ; it is a true colic, no lesions being found in the intestines of those
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plaster-of -Paris dressing is now immersed in warm water in which there
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rally occurs in those cases where the fever lias been very protracted, and
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be avoided. Should the case be doubtful, it should be put in suitable
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be formed whose anatomical characteristics do not differ from those of ordi-
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presence of flail-joints, will serve to enable one to make the diagnosis.
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tissues at which points the micro-organisms have obtained entrance, or
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new cells are derived from the epithelium at the margins of the injury
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not so in pneumothorax, where respiratory sounds are absent. Succussion
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quantity of thin blood flows from its cut surface, which has a uniform
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The Ancliyiostomian duodonale, or dochmius duodenalis, is a small cylin-
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Methods of Reduction. — The flexion should be exaggerated. Should
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heart insufficiency, stimulants are indicated, but they must be carefully
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Moreover, these lobules are in different stages of the inflammatory process,
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disease, the urine becomes scanty and high-colored, but especially when it
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or desirable to abstract blood, either locally or generally. • Occasionally,
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locular hydatids, and a cyst of the right Tcidney. In abdominal aneurism
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tion which it seems difficult to decide is, Are such pneumonias tubercu-
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is not the wisest plan. It is better to employ a one or two
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age duration of those that recover is nine days. Each epidemic in this
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The meningeal vessels of the brain and the sinuses are engorged, Avhile
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water enemata, arc the most successful methods of treatment. If there is
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Modern Surgery may be evidenced by a perusal of the following
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If expectoration is difficult from loss of muscular power, stimulating
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is often urgent if the congestion is extensive, but in many cases of passive
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inasmuch as the tendon-sheaths do not communicate directly with the
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correct any lesions which may be found, which might be the cause of the
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})assed. He is obliged to rise two or three times during the night to pass