• involved, life may be indefinitely prolonged, and there is always a possibility
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Hence the diagnosis rests on the signs of a tumor in the one case, and the
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Intubation, or operative treatment, may be necessary.
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kind of treatment is applied. Tf this fails, the artery should be tied.
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in the organs, may set up, which terminate the case fatally. The pus
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mucous patches. The first ulcers are usually symmetrical. They
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at the apex in tuberculosis, at the base in typhoid fever. According to
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of instruments and hands of the operator, but is too irritating and poi-
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by bony lesions, contractions of fascia or muscles, or because of insuffi-
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the op'an may give rise to a i)alpahle expanso-pulsatory movement. The
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hepatic pulsation is synchronous with the cardiac in)pulse. In rare
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secretion of paler urine containing few casts. The individual may be able
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istic features of the disease. This gradual rise of, and these variations in,
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must be had constantly in view in the management of these cases. The
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The hypertrophy, which is often extensive, affects particularly the
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flexed at an angle of about sixty degrees. Some movements of the arm
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inflammation changes and it becomes chronic. Kigors alternate with irregu-