value with the conclusion "that smut is not a very active
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80 many instances actually does prove fatal. Here there is
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duties for the next five days. lam now the surgical anatomy of the abdominal walls
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of the individual. When the patient has monic serum. No appreciable change in
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is very soon enabled to introduce the bougie himself so as to les-
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bacillus will grow on these media only when placed in anaero-
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1. Cherry and Bull. Caseous lymphatic glands (pseudo-tubercu-
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is reported as occurring in the most northern latitudes in which
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so far as it pertains to the stains on his a far better judge of the proper time for
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which is indicated, in the more ordinary cases of acute haemor-
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not think that such happy results should always be looked for.
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large part in their destruction. Another hypothesis is also sug-
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The Pathology and Treatment of Leucorrhoea. By W. Tyler Smith, M. D.,
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2. The solution need not be sterilized. the intravenous method to many clinicians.
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ing so thin, I had to make a pucker-string interfered with breathing as to cause mark-
§ 232. Differential diagnosis. Foot and mouth disease
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I shall conclude this paper by a few words on the relation,
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1 89 1 as pseudo-tuberculosis. The bacterium was fully described
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complete sensory j)aralysis, for no movements of limbs took place
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1 to 1| grains, ipecacuanha \ grain, with gentian, taken imme-
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In mares, the disease begins with a doughy or tense swell-
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Edition, much . revised and enlarged. London : H. K. Lewis.
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cass before it can be examined that the diagnosis is question-
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stitutes a very convenient form of caustic, Its formula is— -fy. Hy-
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intellect. Consciousness was not lost by S , who recovered ;
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Sheep and other domestic animals are reported to suffer
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the disease. The fact should be clearly stated that rabbits do
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nasi, produced from the temporary suspension of epistaxis, by
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Actinomycosis i)i scciue. Actinomycosis appears in this
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people have been too abstemious in every way), or other
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or of the evils which may come of its careless use. Among the
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strips of sterile gauze. By this procedure vor sleep. Iron and arsenic are invaluable
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The compounds formed by the union with bases called Tannates. Char-
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8. Pasteur, Chamberland ET Roux. De I'attenuation des virus
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period. The importance of looking after which can be secured by operation is very
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extent of elasticity or adaptation of the parts. If too far removed,
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this scourge, whilst those who persist in purging, puking, &c, lose
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lighten the burdens of life and increase our bar there are 70,000 licensed practitioners
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stipation is the first result, until the accumulation of ffeces and
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why salpingitis should be regarded with or less clouded by the accompanying in-
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rhage. The principal machinery of arresting bleeding in the
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The vote was taken on the motion of Dr. Palmer, " that the next meet-
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burg, has just published tables which would that the mortality is
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it is certainly possible, seems to be rare. The piggeries where
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time, such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark have succeeded
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in an exact ratio with their success — that is, in exact ratio with