diet, with six ounces of wine to be made into whey.

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during the occurrence of regular thunder-clouds. Other observers make

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proper support to the abdominal wall, and the resulting scar

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Diilwyn Parrish, J. C. Allen, W. Hodgson, Jr., and Elias Durand ; correspondents,

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symptoms are isolated ; gradually they become more numerous and violent ;

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of chlorid of lime should be injected into about ten different

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justified that these structures influence carbohydrate metab-

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1. Jacobson: Operations of Surgery. 3d ed.. p. 714.

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rhea, the suppression of alvine discharges is an important sign,

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in strength, yet abscesses and sloughing sores appeared in various parts of

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3272 deaths, a mortality of 16.3 per 1000 per annum, slightly

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Heim urges this as absolutely necessary for the protection of the public.

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This connection of the condition of the tongue with that of the brain, is

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reconsideration of the demand of the staff for direct representa-

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from the surrounding atmosphere. How it is collected, whether hy friction

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with ribs and portion of ribs laid bare ; transverse processes

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Medical Director G. F. Wlnslow, detached from Boston Navy

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Revue Mensuelle des Maladies de I'Enfance (Paris), March.

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sores, veslco-rectal paralysis, abolition reflexes ; tumor over Stb

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hoping it may find a parallel, with effective means of cure.

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