Before we conclude this present paper we must add a few

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Phosphorus in the state of an Organic Natural Compound.

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disease in 14, and 7 little improved, 4 of who know he shows little regard for his

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probably suggested by the character of the lesions which differ

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magnesia at i3 noon. and talks like a drunken or very sleepy man.

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Thermal reactions. — This organism grows very feebly at a tem-

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the best diet that could be obtained for them ; 4th, to obviate

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febrile symptoms may call for the administration of wine ; viz.

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alysis of the left arm 'is something greater, though he is still able

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principal facts of electro-physiology, are full and learned, with-

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Carlsbad. Von Dr. L. Fleckles. Leipzig : Fleischer. London :

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To take first the case of catarrhal inflammations ; it is pos-

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applications of the pernitrate of mercury, with a pointed stick of

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sions may exist in swine in the absence of generalization.

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to appreciate. It is designed for students ; but what does it teach them

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likely to lead to peritonitis; I think on insufficient grounds. It

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exchange, i.e. a destruction of organized tissues to supply the

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rabbit died within twenty hours. Rabbit No. 16 showed no ill effect

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drachms of matter. They strongly recommend the adoption

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Resolved, That a Special Committee of rive be appointed to report at the

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and, on motion, ordered printed in the for the election of officers had arrived,

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Treatment of Cholera Infantum. — Two papers on tliis

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lacking the long tube an ordinary rectal asepsis. Rapid intravenous injections may

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