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their value and accuracy. A verv commendable feature is the
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Tucker, Cassell Clark, a.b. {De Pauw Univ.) 1911, Greencastle, Ind.
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Hypersemia of the lungs. In this there is to a great extent an engorg<
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and the death rate at Bilibid will be substantiated by future records
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It is, difficult to take the pulse in bronchitis because it is so soft in the vn
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to Ohio from Baltimore by a Jersey cow, and from there it came to Illi-
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loses feeling, and then the power of motion. ; breathing commenced. The stertor was
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cases are received ; the whole number of patients admitted last year was
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Vice-Presidents : Dr. Graham Chambers, Toronto ; Dr. Harry
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where you have no syringe use a piece of hose. Another injection is
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art, in literature, in every field of intellectual accomplishment.
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forego serum treatment in the general run of cases. Possibly no death
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The general surgical diseases of children, fractures, infections, hernia,
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those who prefer to use some more or less greasy application,
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Bellevue Medica <. • . • .~ l Mew York City.
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ie pressure is applied by passing the needle through the tissues on each
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accommodation, and leave the east end without any. It is a
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lege courses, with laboratory work in each amounting at least to four
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very few instances has it been found necessary to enforce government
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Dr. H. F. Hewes, with whom special arrangements for the course must
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Favill, John, a.b. ( Vale Univ.) 1909, Chicago, III.
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Pneumonic Catarrh. In other cases we get Spinitis with Paralysis, and
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Lectures and demonstrations in the use of the Roentgen Ray will be
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+ Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for
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tongue, rarely develops to any observable degree during child