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pay especial attention to regions in which he is interested.

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a Medium can, and heat by placing the can in hot water. Do not

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the acid intoxication. It is also probable that this acid intoxi-

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rather than by the processes, often very protracted and in-

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Tucker, Cassell Clark, a.b. (De Pauw Univ.) 1911, v^xccucajsue ina

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average temperature of March in this city, ( the 20th, a circle, distinct and moderately

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clinical investigation. These courses will be given under the direction of

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and demonstrations, until the end of the second half of the second year.

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guttural pouch, and the fluids then come out of the nose.

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culture on blood-serum of Morax-Axenfeld bacillus, forty-

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After two failures to pass a practical examination, each student must

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President, and upon at least one occasion he was nominated for

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think that bleeding is the wrong treatment. Anaemia produces or rather

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class. If a student reveals by his answers general failure to grasp the

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Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Obstetrics. Professor Green.

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were taken every day from the start, it would be found that its rise was

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such selected topics as development, living anatomy, the dietetics of

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province, chosen for that place of honor because of his sterling

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Case 1 . — A skilled mechanic of 28, single, was always well until

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through them to devise some scheme by which to deal more

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a year ; also, furnished gratuitously to all stibscribeis of the "American Journal

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horses may 'die showing the peculiar signs or symptoms of Enteritis. In-

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on subjects selected as being best studied in this way, and exercises in

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medical interest, so that students are advised to take the work later rather

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