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his recent severe illness and is again attending to practice.

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in the Department for Diseases of the Nose, Throat, and Ear.

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The Lingual tonsil, composed of a series of rounded eleva-

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especially when lecithin is present. Ishizuka made the same observations

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the rigor we have high fever, usually from 105 to 107, in draft stallions , .;

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haustion, and the horse eats voraciously or does not masticate his food

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eye, and supply a large number of operations. A new and enlarged

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times it is a regular fibrous growth — is seen following the inflammation.

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prolapse of many years' standing, do not consult a gynecologist

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of July next, at ten o'clock A. M. J cooled down to about 26 degrees. The air

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protrusion of the rectum out through the anus; it may be only an inch or

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fatalist submission, silent before the violent outbreak of blood

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fees are payable and obtain a receipt to be shown at the first exlrdse

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anatomy of the ear or for the best thesis showing original work on an

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Dr. George W. Badgerow, after over two years a resident

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will the mare, but as a rule they don't breed. They differ from the bul-

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4 ozs. sulphuric acid 1 dr., aqua ad. to make one pint. Dose, 1 oz. three

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cavities with narrow outlets, through which are forced by the

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instruction successively in symptoms, diagnosis, the principles and

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from this animal gave a surface growth on peptone, indicate that the

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. and fresh horses coming in get the germ, which is the specific virus,

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may seem, from the first I have felt more at home than I did

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There are no arbitrary limits to the horizon of studious effort.

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countries, urge us to depart here from a purely statistical presentation