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the rapid gait they travel — some are looked upon as being hereditary.
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lation fee and the instruction fee (if in two payments, the first instalmei
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The Frederick Sheldon Fund for Travelling Fp:llowships and
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three quarters of an inch large, under these scales the lice ' burrow and
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myxedema has been variously placed between the age of 30
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only difference between the first and the second is in the amount, as in
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any student or member of the medical profession who shall be selected by
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physiological actions of a number of these. A few exercises are given in
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more or less definite symbiosis, for example between amoebae and other
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changed, if found negligent, and not the system changed for
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the core usually comes with it; this leaves a circumscribed hole; the fever
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long as possible the hyperemia of the skin which has been
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Waring, Elmar Stebbins, a.b. {Univ. of South Carolina) ^. . „
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tion and mal assimilation. The urine may be acid if it contains oxalic
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treatment of the same. The special disposition of the income of this fund
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EpidemicsofOhio, Michigan, and Indiana, (telhgent private preceptor, are the most
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was accompanied by rheumatic pains. Rheumatism followed
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dissolve these, as hydrochloric: acid, i dr. to horse, freely diluted, once 21
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and keeps it up; the ears and extremities get cold; friction on the stomach
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the neck, when severe it will be heard in the lungs and not in the neck. *';
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shall never forget a dear old lady whose grandchildren I was
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The fees for separate courses vary from $5 to $125, according to the
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strophanthus has been increased from 5 per cent, to 10 per
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sk towelve^^^^^^^^ '""^^ ""^^ "^^^^ ^^^^ ^ -^^k and lasted
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teaching in the wards and Out-patient departments of the Cliildren's and
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The facts observed in the laboratory and in the demonstrations are
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is labored from the start. Immediately following the rigor give
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Phanrang andi Nhatrang. In spite of their youth they were men who
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the information of those present that we have nine species of this genus
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Biascoechea, Diego Abraham, s.b. (Univ. of Michigan)
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And it is with the community as with the individual : that
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to the horse. As it applies to flesh-producing animals, it improves the.
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resuscitates the waning power; often a gallon of cold water by the rec-
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(1) Daily systematic conferences on neurological topics.
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Huntington, Messrs. J. Pierpont Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, David
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This disease is of antiquated origin; the earliest writers have referred to
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be more common in the human. The pus of Tumors in the human and
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to 44 and 44^; except also, 1842, when thel unimpaired till two o'clock, when it gradu-
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the supposition that we were again dealing with spirillar fever, presenting
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Melanosis. These like most other Tumors, are sarcomatic in their origin.
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latter part of 1906, systematic treatment of the prisoners for intestinal
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think it is not rabies, but are not sure. I believe a rabid dog is