applying for and needing assistance as give evidence of having done the
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the statement of Cooper. The surgeon of ;, commission, although offered satisfactory
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in which resection had been done, it will seen the propriety of making some advance-
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Dr. Locke, and Dr. PaivFRey. Each student electing the course must
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seventeen days, and on the last maybe fully developed; then from that up
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examined, 7.27 per cent infected; Daniels, 1901, British Central Africa, 251
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tion because happily in many conditions of life we can talce
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prevalence of this disease with severe manifestations among the natives
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Moorehouse, of Toronto, for Toronto ; Dr. Jno. A. Macdonald,
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will be given for the medical and surgical educational work at
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are presented before the class ; in each case two students beside the reader
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and seeing the end results. Conferences with the students will be held
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School a bond of fifhj dollars, executed by two sufficient bondsmen (one
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inose made. Inject one cubic centimetre, about fifteen drops, unde:
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The Bursar's Office is in Dane Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge.
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they and will they be supported? We are j while professing to reform and advance our
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over a cat and kill in. a comparatively short time. The chief feature of
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William P. Graves, M.D., Professor of Gynaecology .
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galvanic current, one electrode back of the neck, the other over
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by a carromata shortly before she died. Body of a well-developed, young, native
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Reardon, William Joseph Aloysius, a.b. {Holy Cross Coll.) 1915, Lowell
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the wards of the hospital and have opportunity to study systematically
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What degenerations are produced by the extirpation of one cerebellar
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Gangrene a,nd necrosis usually mean the same thing, though there is a
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No student will he permitted to continue his membership in the School,
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from some injury; in this case the bone becomes diminished in size and
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and is often spoken of as L,uxation. Dislocations are simple when no exter-
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and opportunity to do outside work of various kinds in the city.
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becomes excitable, nose is .extended, facial muscles twitch, any little dis-
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which attaches to their duties. Many at- privileges might be granted, the withdrawal
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ever, 18, or nearly 3 ^ per cent., were four years old or
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the Toronto General Hospital : Doctors J. E. Brodie, Alfred
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and Drs. Clark, Barnes, Greene (M.G.H.), Coffin, and
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macists as VVyeth, Parke. I >avis & ( 'o., Sharpe
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Sears, and a number of other benefactors. At the present time several
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can he granted until the student has paid the full tuition fee for each year
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blanks furnished at the Dean's office, on or before May 1 of the year in
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it arises in basement stables where there is bad drainage and ventilation,
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not very great faith, going the round of the doctors, until the
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