inoculation, the cattle were kept under observation in a fly-proof stable
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SKETCHES AND ILLUSTRATIONS OF rl'^emllT S^car^a^T*"- ""-' °'- ^''-""'- 14
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posulphate soda and linseed tea; it is good to add to this or give after, nux
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professional advice. He then saw a surgeon, i to excise the joint, and afterwards to place
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bean-meal, y 2 pint once a day,' with plenty of other food.
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crement of the hogs. Detmers says the most virulent form is among hogs
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and cause Epileptic fits; or it may attack the peripheral nerves and cause
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who were resident in the Philippine Islands prior to American occupation
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Secretaries : Dr. Frederick Fenton, Toronto ; Dr. Kennedy C.
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whole number of patients admitted last year was thirty-one hundred and
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Worth Hale, M.D., Assistant Professor of Pharmacology.
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at any rate we say the eye is cloudy; the cornea, which is normally trans- '■■
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the expense of quality in the instrument. These cheaper pat-
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plates of the various urinary crystals. The work will be use-
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of Hygiene until the further order of the President and Fellows.
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The historical introduction which is given is one of un-
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the fore, or perhaps only a set or section of muscles; but more often it is
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As regards the placing of these Bacteria in the vegetable world, and
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only through an exhaustive recourse to all measures and
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satisfactory. The diluted toxin was injected subcutaneously, intravenous
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bacilli from a case of conjunctivitis caused by measles. He continued
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that they have not washed their heads with soap and water for
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transmissible, so much so that they are condemned for breeding purposes
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of the hand; these often break and a cavity as large as a hen's egg is left,
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nervous trouble. Provision has also been made for attendance on
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Clinical exercises. Dr. Covtles. (B.S.H.) At stated intervals. 3-4
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erate with members of the staff in special investigations. Such students
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This patient, Mrs. X , was seen with Dr. Arnott, of
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President-elect, 48 Bloor Street East, Toronto; Dr. F. N. G.
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the brain seems affected, and they stagger. As the lungs are affected
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tion. So in looking over a case, -we are often led astray in the short
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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in
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centimeters across the broadest point, and it is 7 centimeters thick. It weighs,
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about a drachm, was poured on lint about j tem of diet, the useof purgative and lowering
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I. Collins Warren and Dr. Henry K. Oliver were the Trustees of this
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* Students taking these courses may continue their work during other months of the
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then diminish the doses, probably to relax the spasm; often give 3 lbs. of
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Dr. Fitch, of Halifax, a native of N"ova Scotia, who