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There are two causes of disease— predisposing, which originates with-

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when his other duties permit, to make ward visits with the physician on

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Lunt, Lawrence Kirby, a.b. 1909, Colorado Springs, Colo.

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is called sphacelusthis, is in the latter stage of acute laryngitis. This ,<

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poisonous condition; but the ordinary sporadic diseases would not extend

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very mild, cases we try first, very mild astringents — solution of sulphate

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ROCKWELL A. COFFIN, M.D., Instructor in Laryn''' ''""° ''•

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limits of the town in which they are placed, j which the means are human suflTerings and

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Toronto Junction ; Dr. W. J. Charlton, Weston ; Dr. W. Walters,

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found in the kidneys. You will find congestion of the cerebral meninges.

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dered whiskey, ad lilitum. | several of these were seen still adorned with

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Clinical lectures. Assistant Professor White. (M.G.II.) Once a ueek,

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shortens his four years' work by working in the Summer School of Medi-

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tions done through the anterior and the posterior cul-de-sac;

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Third-year students may apply for scholarships in January ; second-

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autopsies will be studied. Collateral reading on surgical subjects will l)e

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died in vain ? Have their lives been wasted, and would it have

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offered to original investigators, who will receive such personal aid as may

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all diseases. But there is no other depart- , not possess the means of curing certain con-

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was imported de novo. It was brought from Hongkong, and spread

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about the beginning of July, when it would J committed is one of the most public places

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difficult. In this condition fractures are very 'easy to occur. There is

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in the province, has not only supplied professors to several uni-

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A public meetinj^ of physicians was held in St. George's

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perhaps 60. Post-mortem rigidity has disappeared, post-mortem lividity well

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ditions to have ulceration of the bowels. Often we find lung, spinal cord

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Houston, David Walker, Jr., a.b. {Princeton Univ.) 1912,

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impinge upon the anterior surface of the uterus. The round

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Colloid Cancer. — Is composed of fibrous tissue. It arranges and

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she considers the most nutritious meal at < Society ; and for them to entertain a deeper

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