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land. Dr. Bolton, of Virginia, Dr. Richards, ; 2. That excision, however early and tho-

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rise of pressure is bewildering. Again, by some writers in-

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the most important organs. There will be lectures upon the genera

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four for laboratory purposes. The administration building contains the

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works of reference, and in an adjoining room there is a collection of about

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of the poison present in the original solution from the filtered fluid will be

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In addition to the treatment hygiene plays an important part. Pile on

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as a rule it always proves fatal. In sunstroke it may run to 109, and

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course will be limited to ten students. Students will serve as clinical

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directly (by Gabbet's method) for tubercular bacilli in the

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control over circulation, nutrition, and secretion.

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Adams, Frank Dennette, litt.b. (Princeton Univ.) 1913, Washington, D. C.

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Drs. Ladd, Dunn, Bowditch, Lucas, Sylvester, Young, Howard

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student is provided with a locker in the dissecting room and another in

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tuberculosis, -but it is now known better. Next is the second stage that

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Medical School desirous of hospital experience has obtained an appoint-

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was intense reddening, associated with severe pain over the

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of the worst cases I have seen showed under the microscope

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for ringworm of the head. Many members had used it in

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iphteria, the whistle is moist; in chronic cases they are usually dry.

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year course offered in

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r ards amelioration; the only way a specific fever can be cured is by its

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In 1910, under the supervision of the Department of Preventive Medi-

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