learns of what activity an organ or tissue is capable, next how certain

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ment. These great Big Tegs are often due to Lymphangitis. One at-

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The miliary type of tuberculosis was found in five cases, in two of

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Worthington." "Dr. Benedict, of the^from attempting their removal at the first

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logical inference is that the uterus is held in place by its liga-

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pleted by that time, this course will consist of lectures, laboratory work,

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3. Describe the dietetic and therapeutic management of a case

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ing large substances, such as apples, turnips, roots, bones, etc. ; and in

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<5harffed by any member of the staff for patients who pay $3.50

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tated hours on certain days at the opening of each term for the rec in

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basis for the opinion generally prevalent that when the condition become

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Mr. r resident and Gentlemen, — I have to thauk you for

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lant, and they need that; third, as a germicide; so you see turpentine is

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ness and the cause of its non-use or limited use by a great

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Burnet, Francis Lowell, s.b. 1902, m.d. 1906, Boston

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Northern cattle get it if they go wherever the Texan has been — in cars,

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Female aged twenty-one, single. Occupation, waitress. Was brought

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suits of such analysis monthly in the most ( same subject.

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the opposite of those which characterize Addison's disease.

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mison, F. J. Ellis, F. S. Eaton, P. J. Fleming, B. J. Ferguson,

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Zoology of Harvard College, or an equivalent course, is recommended.

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destroy the gland by injecting forcibly into the gland the following:

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m comparative embryology such as cannot be found elsewhere The

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tum, other times the bowel itself. Sometimes it passes through the

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For the second general examination the student may choose either June

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The Medical Department of the University is established in Boston, in

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demonstrations and experiments are in connection with the subjects Avhich

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may be difficult to keep it there, especially if the ligaments are ruptured.

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shall be recommended that he be entitled to a remission of three-fourths of

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required very free removal. The patient ( The patient — an Irish lad of about 14 — has

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How may our national character help or hinder us in our work,

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