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and by giving small amount of hay and liberal quantities of oats will be
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after death. The findings were: Beginning cirrhosis of the liver, splenomegaly
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the Law School and in the Medical School, for one or more meritorious
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developmental standpoint. After a brief consideration of the cell, the
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ported last month, still remain under treat- ; made some paroxysmal efforts to pass his
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icarditis is not severe, and if inflammation doesn' t involve the whole of
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road, in addition to the water privileges it 5 Dr. Kirkbiide read a paper " On the Night
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G. A. Peters, H. C. Burritt, C. L. Starr, J. E. Elliott.
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abdominal ring,' then we have Inguinal Hernia; this is usually seen only
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XLI I. Jackson, Thomas W. Sanitary Conditions and Needs in Provin-
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lions get more ridgelings than any other animal, or rather some stallions.
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the municipal government of the town or village in which
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and small; the breathing is accelerated, often double; complete loss of
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of Toronto has granted $200,000, all of which must go towards
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nothing diagnostic in it; in a typical case the expiration is performed with
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I have suggested and successfully used a little manoeuvre
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all the hospitals of the city, with the exception of the Sick
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we can thoroughly recommend it to all practitioners Avho have
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Semeiology. — Usually great lameness suddenly develops, even if the
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spinal cord itself is first affected there is an absence of these Tonic
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dent of last year, retired gracefully, and the newly elected
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Lincoln Lunatic Asylum," (England.) j The paper read by Dr. Kirkbride the
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Arthur K. Stone, M.D., Instructor in the Theory and Practice of
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to draw upon the results of our treatment ( tonitis.
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we must bear in mind the supreme importance of high ideals —
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to the point in her account of herself, as follows substantially as she gave
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time; " concentration " was diffi(uilt and she often sat up late studying.