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Briggs, Wallace Rideout, a.b. (Univ. of California) 1916,

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dence. If the author is a graduate, it must also contain the date of his

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histological and embryological laboratories. In the study of gross anatomy,

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ticularly good soil for them is where bedding is mixed with the ex-

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These scholarships and gratuities are awarded to such men among those

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ndition and produces chronic indigestion shown in the staring coat,

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noises, as it was thus only that they would 7iol respo7i.gible " A dose of senna or aloes

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In the remaining 36 wards in other buildings (796 patients) there were only

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find a molar tooth there, which seems to grow without a matrix. When ,

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selected original investigations. The course is open to qualified persons

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congestion; we find that the pleural surface is spotted red in patches,

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At autopsy it was demonstrated that the peritioneal cavity of each guinea

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two months, throughout the year. Dr. W. F. Whitney. Massa-

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Allen, William Howard, a.b. 1891, m.d. 1894, Mansfield.

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out the four seasons of the year — in other words, that there is no winter

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Human Anatomy. Sobotta McMurrich, Atlas and Text-book of Human

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Scientific Progress and Autlioritative Opinion in all branches of Medicine

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other time. About ihe first symptom of catarrh is sneezing, shaking of

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Treatment. — The fever seems to run the same as in Purpura

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impinge upon the anterior surface of the uterus. The round

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wholly destroyed at 90°C, after which treatment it failed to act even

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Lacey,Walter Maurice, A. B.(T'ri7/?'ams Co//. ) 1908, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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damaged skins will always retain a smell j We have now to ascertain who are the

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toneal or intra-peritoneal, ventro-fixation or suspension of the

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answered questions asked her by her relatives. The knee-

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and Adani find that it passes through the Berkefeld filter but not through

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is hot, pulse is increased in frequency, is full, loud and a little shade

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breathing becomes labored, pulse not at first affected, but rapid and small

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in 1894, and from the same source, or from any modern work

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those that arc not over-fed. Habitual Abortion occurs about the fifth

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