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Treatment. — As a rule can only palliate the trouble — can't be diag

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twelve • days you can cut it off. Always tie moderately tight — never so

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uterine Injections of Glycerin . — Pel zer ( Archi v

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appear, as a hypertrophy of the heart disappears in persons

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!N^o one seemed immune. Young 'children, however, were not

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bladder, may say of all the bladder; hence . nervous tonics are indicated,

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of the pulse, pulse increased in frequency and diminished in size, hard

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fessor of Comparative Pathology^ Harvard Medical School.

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bonate soda is highly recommended. Prof. Strangeway says salts are no

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subject will be made. For a history of the evolution of our

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Secretaries : Drs. A. Primrose and W. F. Clarke. Drs. N. H.

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in

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specific fever, Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis, it would not be safe tp bleed.

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and on the flanks. In the horse, usually on the head, face, lips, neck

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Jackson, Arthur Morison, s.b. {Dartmouth Coll.) 1911, Everett

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following: The heart is exceedingly soft and flabby, grayish-yellow in color.

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Medicine; that is. to say, to special students and to students in other

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Edward Bailey Beasley, a.b. {Johns Hopkins Univ.) 1902, m.d.

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Elliott, J. E. Elliott,, F. Eenton, J. Ferguson, G. H. Field

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The instruction will consist of ward work, the examination of cases, the

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and most of his dissecting is done with the point of tl e knife,

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treats those in the district hospital. Notice of cases of infectious

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February 10: Delirious all night and to-day. Face flushed; pulse remains

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found to be the cause of this disease. The bacilli ai*e large

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Eesolved, That this Society receives with ( Dr. H. Carpenter, from the Committee

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This work will be given at the Carney Hospital, and in the laboratory of

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admission to the Hospital, with the study of its history, diagnosis, progno-

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acting as surgeon in the Franco-Prussian war, he returned to

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Texas fever has its home in the red corpuscles and leaves the blood

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bottom, and when it reached the third stage it would sink. This stage is

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brush or curry comb. After you get through the animal will be red anc

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tGrabfield, Gustave Philip ( Williams Coll.), Cincinnati, 0.

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