Eye and Ear Infirmary and to observe and study cases in the wards. In
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foreskin in man; the lining of the sheath and a portion of the penis be-
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Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered
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and, indeed, demand that it be taken from this chaotic mass and
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O'Reilly's personal worth and administrative abilities.
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Cotting Gift. The income of a fund received from the late Dr.
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Water precipitates this, so if you want to combine it in the prescription
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Surgery 2. Clinical Work at the Boston City Hospital.
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atrics, and the work will be under his supervision. The mornings will :
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was not forthcoming. So that the long wait, backed by the
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Terrall, John Jay, s.b. {Cornell Coll.) 1907, Hudson, Iowa.
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JAMES S. STONE, M.D., Assistant in Surgery, 234 Marlborough St.
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the hver was sharp and in the nipple hne was felt midway between
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spells of coughing, dyspnea and diminution of appetite. The
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Inneren Krankheiten. Emerson, Clinical Diagnosis. Sahli, Diagnostic
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started among cattle in this state by buyers getting a Texas animal among
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When we consider that there are about 6,000,000 inhabitants in the
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the Massachusetts General Hospital until April, 1912, when theCollis P.
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After an attack, chloroform should never be given as an
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md the ffastrn-Pnt.vio ^- "^ ' ^'P^^^^^eria, the exanthemata,
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For these degrees, a fee of $150 is charged for tuition, and a graduatioi
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to the left chest, or hot fomentations are good; heat is particularly indi-
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Later, after obtaining the reaction of the organism in lactose bouillon,
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ALFRED M. AMADON, M.D., Assistant in Otology, 543 Boylston St.
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During the past two years there have been several threatened
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darker in color and the specific gravity is increased; often blood and the
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Pathological Society of Philadelphia, vol. xii. 1885;
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Lectures. Professor Southard and assistants. Afternoons in December.
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which exhibit original work, but if no dissertation is considered worthy
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of a second guinea pig, and upon its death, within twenty-four hours,
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weaken: the pulse gets weak, small and fluttering, and there is always
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especially malaria, but at the same time they showed affections which are
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identical in character with the ones taken from the natural illness. The tem-
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careful in autopsy not to get the germs into a wound; a good idea is 1
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pathology ; (6) attendance at post-mortem examinations, and the fixation
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Sisco, Dwight Lewis, a.b. {Colorado Coll.) 1913, a.m. {ibid.)