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J. Dellinger Barney, M.D., Assistant in Genito-Urinary Surgery.

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growths in the liver, fatty liver, and amyloid liver.

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animal; but it usually interferes with the circulation, and they don't liv<

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loss of appetite; other times will not be. Where there is no fever the-

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ward, its margins are sharp cut, linear on the whole, but here and there irregular

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and methods of prophylaxis, in order that they may be sent out not

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Whenever a student is obliged to witlidraw from the School before the

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which exhibit original work, but if no dissertation is considered worthy

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get a clear account of the colic, and then / sensation of pressure across the chest,

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substance for the shadow, and there is a great danger that he

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rather against the prisoner, and that the ' from the penis of any man. If there is

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castor oil, mag. sulph., quinine, flax-seed meal, paregoric,

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2!abot, M.D., for the Corporation of Harvard College; William T. Coun-

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Alfred Hosmer Linder Scholarship, with an income of two

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Besides dissections and serial sections of many bones, the anatomical

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student of the Medical School as the Administrative Board shall annually

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your hands, gentlemen, from the unhal- / respectable authors and practitioners. In

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ROBERT H. VOSE, M.D., Assistant in Surgery, 443 Beacon St.

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at present, was founded in 1892 by Mrs. Anne M. Sweetser. The income

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hundred and twenty-four thousand visits to the out-patient departments.

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feeding on hay that contained ergot, and the strong ones fought the

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Epithelial Cancer. — This is quite common, and is composed of

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the chancre was diagnosed as an angina gangrenosa.* Chancre

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nancy and the P'Uerperium, ectopic pregnancy, hemorrhages,

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treated with a microbicide, but I am sorry to say not with much

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cises a trophic action on the nerve tissues, which means enab-

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mornings it was seen in the streets ; but the \ period last year 609 were reported. So, the

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tioners had risen from 65 to 120. An analysis of the list of

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